Pinch of Tibet

  When I usually picture a beautiful view in my mind it is some amazing valley or mountain range stretching for miles and I would know it’s somewhere around 4 thousand meters above sea level. So the most spectacular view are associated for me with high altitudes which is not exactly accurate and I learned it after having a motorbike […]

Harvest time

Watch beautiful Chinese countryside during harvest. All work I saw people were doing only by hand without machines. I like to think this way they pay tribute to the nature: not wasting, not growing too much, only what’s necessary for themselves. Northern part of Yunnan, Baizu minority and Shaxi area, wonderful to watch and photograph. If you like this post […]

A bit of rural Dali

China is obviously experiencing rapid development and rise of economical wealth of its citizens which is easy to observe in big cities. Luckily the Middle Kingdom is still abundant in places where one can take a deep breath and rest away from cities’ fast pace of life and instantly growing buildings. Small towns which seem to develop much slower than […]